Potion Analyser – Skybird for iPhone / iPod

Select a potion to see it's effects

Potion Analyser - every Potion included


Skybird includes all Potions found in the game Skyrim. Selecting a Potion using the spinner will show you the Weight, Value (base value when made with no perks) and the effects which the Potion confers on the Dragonborn. Pressing the ‘Mixture’ button will analyse the Potion to identify which ingredients have to be combined in order to re-create the Potion at an Alchemy table. Where a potion has multiple effects, the analyser correctly identifies all ingredients required.

Never again will you have to waste ingredients trying to recreate in-game potions.

Some in-game potions, for example ‘Cure Poison’ can’t be made by the Dragonborn, and the analyser correctly identifies these cases.

Really simple, but very powerful.

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