Armor – Skybird for iPhone / iPod

Every piece of Armor and Clothing is included

Every set of Armor and All Clothing / Jewellery


Skybird for iPhone / iPod contains every set of Player-created Armor, all Jewellery, Necklaces, Enemy and Faction Armor, Rings, NPC outfits, Soldier and Guard Armor, all Robes, Hoods and Clothes, as well as Special Dungeon Rewards, Quest Items and Dragon Priest Masks.

It allows you to drill-down through an easy-to-use table menu to find the pieces you are looking for, and will then display the Weight, Value (un-enchanted), Armor Class (amount of base protection) as well as detailed and strategic notes on each piece.

An invaluable system for finding that essential piece of Armor, or deciding what to buy or what to wear before specific encounters.

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