Base Racial Skills – Skybird for iPhone / iPod

Compare two races

Compare two races side-by-side

Skybird includes a simple but powerful Race Analyser. At the start of each game, you have the choice of what race to select, and each race comes with a set of base skills which are more or less powerful than other races.

Using the Race Analyser, you select two different races using the two spinners, and the table below shows the base skills for each of the Skill Perks used in Skyrim. By using this analyser, you can immediately see which race is better for the play style you want to aim for – no more guessing. Also, because this is in App form, you don’t have to exit your game to make the choice, and you won’t regret your choice after dozens of hours because you can choose wisely right at the start.

Very easy to use, but essential for getting a great start.

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